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Installations & Repairs

FurnaceUSA Premier Level Air Conditioning

  • High Efficiency
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Quiet Operation
  • Adapts to most furnaces
  • All maintenance & repairs included

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More Efficient Central AC Repair

What does High Efficiency Cooling really mean? It means a number of benefits for your home like having the lowest electricity bill you can have while having the ‘greenest’ home. Even though the cooling season is not nearly as long in the Pacific Northwest as compared to other parts of the country, an inefficient cooling season can cost you thousands more over time. With a premium level air conditioner from FurnaceUSA – you will be getting efficient cooling for your Seattle area home.

Powerful Cooling

While there are a number of factors that come into the ability of a cooling system to be delivered throughout your home, a central factor is the raw power of the system outside your home. With our sizing technology, we ensure we MAXIMIZE the power of the air conditioner for your specific house.

Safe Operation

New air conditioners including our Platinum level air conditioner from FurnaceUSA have exceedingly high safety standards. All units have multiple safety controls built into them to ensure if the AC operates in an unsafe manner it will shut itself down. If the air conditioner shuts itself off – simply call us and one of our Seattle air conditioner installation technicians will come out to your home for free and get it back up and running and resolve the issue.

Quiet Operation

New air conditioners including our Premium level air conditioner from FurnaceUSA have exceedingly high noise standards. Older AC’s were noisy – by incorporating modern noise reduction technologies, you’ll find our cooling systems sound great and doesn’t
bother the neighbours.

It’s The “we Take Of Everything For You Plan”

All FurnaceUSA air conditioners are part of our Cooling Services Plan™ which gives you absolute peace of mind and about your hot water system. Never pay to service, repair or upgrade your system again.

ALL Service & Repairs Are Included

No matter what happens to your system we have you covered:

  • No Charge Annual Equipment Service
  • No Charge Repairs if Required
  • No Charge Complete System replacement if not repairable

Our Happiness Guarantee

“Our guarantee is very simple – we are not happy until you are. If any of our work fails to meet your satisfaction and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, WE WILL PAY ANOTHER CONTRACTOR to fix the work.

**If you are still Not satisfied with the installed equipment- we will give you a full refund and come and remove it anytime in the first 30 days !!
We pride ourselves on having the THE STRONGEST guarantees in the
business. Spend Less and the best Seattle air conditioner warranties in the industry – you can’t lose
with FurnaceUSA

Premier Level High Efficiency Air Conditioner

  • Supply & Install a FurnaceUSA Premier Level Air Conditioner
  • Includes – Annual Furnace Service
  • Includes – No Charge repairs and parts
  • Free – equipment replacement if not repairable
  • Open & flexible – transfer or buyout at time

$79.99/Month – Includes Free Install