How Can I Tell If My Hot Water Is Leaking

So you think your water heater has sprung a leak. What should you do about it? The first thing that you're going to want to do is to make sure that it’s actually the water heater that's leaking. Coming from a contractor’s perspective, we’ve more than once, swapped out a tank, only to discover that there's actually a pipe or some other water problem near the hot water tank that's actually causing the water to leak all over the floor. The second thing that you'll want to do is to try to find out where the water is coming from. There’s a little cover on the bottom of the tank. I would suggest that you pull that cover off, and look at the bottom of the tank to see if it's filling with water. If that's the case, you'd know for sure, 100%, that the water is coming out of…..

Why Is My Bedroom So Hot?

A cooling related question that we get asked often is“why is my bedroom so hot?”, so we decided to answer this question in a short article that explains everything there is to this issue. The easy answer is that the heat is getting trapped inside your house, and then the heat rises so it goes upstairs and then it gets stuck in your bedroom. People want to open the windows and they want to turn their fans on but if it’s hot over the course of say, three days, the heat keeps building up in your house and it gets infused into everything. It’s not just the fact that the air is hot, your bed’s also hot, the carpet’s also hot, the walls are also hot. Even if you could turn some fans on and take the hot air out of your bedroom in a matter of minutes the heat…..

Hot Water Tank Vs Tankless – Advantages & Disadvantages

A question that we get asked about quite often is “Should we put in a hot water tank or a tank less hot water heater, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of either choice?”. So, today we decided to answer this question with this short article. The obvious answer is that the the upfront advantage of having a hot water tank over having a tankless option is the price tag, which can sometimes be as much as 75% less expensive. The downside is the utilities are considerably different. It depends on the cost of the utilities in your area, but often times it’s about 1/3 of the cost of utilities going from a gas tank to a gas tankless. If you’re planning on moving in the next few years, I would say probably just put a tank in because you’re not going to recoup your money. In order to…..

What’s the in-home experience of having a HVAC contractor at your house?

Something that home owners are concerned about that they don’t often express to us is that they’re not totally comfortable with having some strangers in their houses doing a job, so we just wanted to briefly go over what the experience is from the home owners’ perspective and what the experience is from the contractor perspective aka having somebody work at their house. OFTEN times trades people are running late; the first part of the morning is sometimes a little bit slow for them to start off. They will get to your house and then they’ll start unloading their tools. At the beginning of the job, the best thing that a contractor can start off with is to go over with you if there are any holes that need to get cut or if there’s a need for any serious modifications around the house. It’s best to do that right…..

BEFORE YOU CALL FOR SERVICE DO THIS: My furnace is not working! Troubleshooting Tips

Being able to troubleshoot your own furnace will always come in handy. This can save you a lot of time, money and effort, since a lot of times the problems are not serious enough to require the assistance of a trained service technician or an expensive HVAC company to come to your home to have a look at your system. So, in this short article we’ll be showing you the basics of troubleshooting your own furnace. The very first thing that you should do if you notice that it’s cold in your house is to make sure that the furnace power switch is on. Key Points to look for: The switch for the furnace is not at a normal height for light switches and they do that on purpose to try and differentiate them to make sure they don’t get turned off by accident. The switches are often not put…..