About Hillcrest

Located only a few miles north of San Diego’s bustling downtown, the vibrant uptown neighborhood of Hillcrest stands as San Diego’s LGBTQ+ central hub, offering a array of bars, restaurants, coffee houses, boutiques and unique shops.

Lauded for its welcoming vibe and pedestrian-friendly streets and sidewalk patios, the area’s east end is marked by a towering rainbow Pride flag just off Hillcrest’s main thoroughfare of University Avenue, at the corner of Normal Street. The landmark serves as the starting point for San Diego LGBTQ+ Pride’s annual mile-long parade held each July. A block away, down Harvey Milk Street, is where the San Diego LGBTQ+ Community Center resides.

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Living in Hillcrest

One of the best neighborhoods to live in San Diego and to consider moving to is Hillcrest, San Diego.  If you are considering moving to San Diego this neighborhoods vibe is trendy. It has many coffee shops and diverse restaurants all within walking distance of where you live.

If you are thinking of moving to San Diego, Hillcrest is a notable neighborhood to research on moving to. One of the reasons this is one of many best neighborhoods to live in San Diego is because it is located centrally in San Diego. It’s  a well kept, lively and active San Diego Neighborhood.

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Things to do in Hillcrest

Hillcrest has everything that exemplifies a pedestrian-friendly, lively, urban neighborhood. It has blocks and blocks of restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping, and services, so residents and visitors can do pretty much everything in Hillcrest. Combine it with lots of color and character, and Hillcrest is a vibrant community.

Hillcrest is San Diego’s de facto gay community. Oh, sure, gays and lesbians live everywhere in San Diego, but it’s in Hillcrest that the gay community has been embraced and included. Hillcrest also has many unique boutique shops and a delicious dining scene.

The best way to take in Hillcrest is to take a stroll through the neighborhood. The best place to start? Under the iconic Hillcrest sign that spans University Avenue at Fifth Avenue. Dining, ​shopping, and entertainment of every taste can be found along the adjacent streets.

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