Why be a contractor with FurnaceUSA



With FurnaceUSA installs YOU decide if you want the job, when you work, or if you work. Take a couple jobs per week or a couple jobs per year. You decide everything!


You set your own rates. We don’t take any of your
installation charges

We take the average of what contractors want to charge in the area and that is what we list on the website as the installation expense for the customers. We don’t take any fees or make any money from your install charges. The bill for the install gets sent by email to the customer in YOUR company name.


Use FurnaceUSA to supplement your
own bussiness

We know how long & hard it takes to grow & develop an HVAC company. Use FurnaceUSA to supplement your own business on the slow days. Take a job if your free – don’t take a job if your full – YOU are in control of your own schedule.


Simplify your business

Heating & Cooling is a complicated business with hundreds of moving parts. All the complexity sometimes makes it tough to make money. With FurnaceUSA, you know what you’ll make before you start.
Don’t worry about inventory, sales, billing, marketing and dozens of other tasks – just work & relax.


Become a part of the FurnaceUSA nation

At FunaceUSA we care about our contractors and want to help them in every way we can.

Be Notified about upcoming jobs in your area