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Don't Wait Until Your Furnace Fails This Winter!

Get Rebates of Up To



Make your most-used appliance your most rewarding.

Do you want to take your chances with...

  • Your furnace lasting all winter?
  • Your furnace stops working on the coldest day?
  • Paying full price when your furnace stops working?

Why Take Chances?

Get Peace of Mind & Save Money NOW!

Start with up to $1,300 in system rebates.*

Save on a complete qualifying system that includes either an air handler or a modulating gas furnace, an air conditioner or heat pump. Get even more savings when you include an electronic air cleaner, modulating thermostat & zoning system.    

furnace system

Get an additional $100 rebate on zoning.*

Enhance your comfort and savings with duct zoning

Get an additional $150 rebate on a smart thermostat.*

Save now on a precision controlled modulating thermostat

smart thermostat
air purifier

Get an additional $150 rebate on air purification.*

Enjoy more savings and fewer pollutants with an electronic air filtration system to clean your air 24 hours a day

don't wait

Limited Time Offer!

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*Some restrictions apply. System rebate offers range from $275-$1,300. Rebate offer is valid November 25, 2018 through June 30, 2019 with the purchase of qualifying  products. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Additional add-on rebates for Thermostat,  Zoning System and Air Purification System valid with a qualifying system purchase only. Contact FurnaceUSA 

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