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You’ve just found the easiest way for you to have your heating, cooling or hot water system replaced for your home in the greater Oak Harbor area. Replacing your HVAC equipment can seem a bit overwhelming – we promise it’s much simpler than it seems. With a new system from FurnaceUSA you skip all the wasted time, markups & overhead of the traditional heating and cooling industry. No longer will you need to have a salesperson in your home – let our technology based solution save you time and money.


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Once you submit your order – our backend systems kick in – we access publicly available information about your Oak Harbor area home from a variety of sources to begin planning the job. We use this information to determine correct size and exact model needed for your home.


Job Preparation

If we need to collect any extra information before the job starts we may have a FurnaceUSA representative pop by your house to double check everything. Sometimes we like to double check a few things like How we will run the pipes for the furnace or AC. Make sure the power & gas is ready for a new install.


Order Processing

Once all the information is has been compiled for your home and the equipment selected a number of processes kick in to get your job ready. Our Oak Harbor HVAC experts ensure the exact required equipment will be installed in your home. We also begin the back end process of pairing the best install team with your specific type of installation. Although we rely on technology in various ways to put your job together – we also rely on our dozens of years of experience in the conventional HVAC industry. Our processes are comprehensive but our goal is simple – we want to you to experience simple and efficient installation of your equipment.


Our Happiness Guarantee

At FurnaceUSA we’re not happy until you are (Nor will we make you pay for it unless you’re happy). On the day on the installation, an invoice will be sitting in your email inbox from the installation team. Once you are satisfied – just enter your credit card info. If your not satisfied – we’ll make it right by either working with the install team or sending a new installer to make it right


Air Conditioner

Water Heater

Oak Harbor Furnace

Since it can be pretty chilly in Oak Harbor, getting a heating unit should be a priority. Type “HVAC contractors near me” in your favorite search engine and solicit their assistance. They will guide you in choosing among Lennox furnace, Goodman furnace, and Trane furnace models. They will also explain the difference between a gas furnace and an electric furnace. You will learn more about gas furnace costs and other important variables so you can make an informed decision. You may also have a heat pump installed if you prefer. Contractors can send a team for heating repair or furnace repair by appointment.

Oak Harbor Air Conditioning

There are years when the summer is mild and others when the heat wave can be overwhelming. Don’t take chances. Install a suitable air conditioner for the house to have peace of mind. In case the mercury rises, you can just turn on the A/C and be good to go. It can be tricky finding the right unit because of all the factors to consider. Ask professional installers to lend you a hand for best results. They can acquire, install, maintain, and repair the chosen unit. Experienced AC repair technicians can diagnose and fix any problem in no time.

Oak Harbor Hot Water Heater

An instant hot water heater makes everything much more convenient around the house. You can take a bath without freezing and wash items more effectively. There is no need to take an extra step so everything can be done much faster. Consult a plumber with SeaTac HVAC experience about installing a tankless water heater and reducing water heater cost.