Getting to Know The Neighborhoods

Seattle has interesting places at almost every major intersection and within every block. Every neighborhood seems to have a special flavor, evidence that Seattle is a place with many personalities. A traveler could spend a lifetime just getting to know the half of it.


An excellent starting point is the areas known as Downtown and the Waterfront. Together they have the nickname “The New York on the West Coast.” It is a compact set of districts but has everything that might be expected from a metropolis such as shops, markets, and cafes. All of it is within a manageable walking distance.

On the east of this section, up on a hill, stands Capitol Hill. This is the name of a district that is packed with entertainment. In the south is the Chinatown international district which has a variety of restaurants. A place called Pioneer Square has a gorgeous art scene. Beacon Hill is a diverse neighborhood that contains a 45-acre park.

Many Museums To Explore


Seattle is dedicated to its heritage and includes plenty of museums. The Seattle Art Museum is prominent and is dedicated to art from the American Northwest, Pacific islands, and Japan. The Experience Music Project was founded by Paul Allen and contains curiosities ranging from the captain’s command chair from “Star Trek” to Neo’s coat from “The Matrix.”

Some museums are set along the city’s parks and scenic background. The Olympic Sculpture Park stretches along the waterfront and is nine acres large. The Seattle Asian Art Museum is nestled in the middle of Volunteer Park. These are places of rest as well as cultural interest.

Some museums are housed in old and interesting buildings with unique architectural styles. The Nordic Heritage Museum is placed within an antique schoolhouse. The Museum of History and Industry is located in a renovated building that served as the Naval Reserve Armory.

Lifestyle Along The Islands

Seattle is bordered by many waters. Elliot Bay is on one side, and Lake Washington is on the other. A unique service is the Washington State Ferries. They transit visitors from Seattle to the nearby islands which have their own history and points of interest.

Bainbridge and the Olympic Peninsula are two well-known destinations. Vashon is an island known for its atmosphere and natural scenery. It has berry patches and is a place to sight breaching whales. Squamish is an island that houses Chief Seattle’s grave. It also provides an excellent view of the city across the water.


The Music of Seattle

This Northwestern city is famous for its musical heritage. The Grunge style was born here in the 1990s. Bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam played in the area. Seattle is home of the world’s first nonstop radio station, KEXP. It is famous for introducing acts such as Grandmaster Flash and Macklemore. Sub Pop is a record company that delivered Nirvana’s early records and continues to introduce interesting new bands.

Live performances go on at the venerated Paramount Theatre and the Crocodile Cafe. There are many festivals throughout Summer in the city of Seattle, and something for everyone is going on all the time. Folklife celebrates the many cultures of the area, and Sasquatch is a three day festival at the Gorge Amphitheater. Bumbershoot is a large music festival held annually at the Seattle Center during the Labor Day Weekend.

Seattle’s music history is on display at the Experience Music Project. It is a futuristic rig designed by Frank Gehry. It is set next to the Space Needle.

Nearby Wilderness Experiences


Because of its strategic location in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is an important starting point for sightseers and adventurers. The state of Washington has some of the most beautiful scenery and exciting terrain. Countless visitors come every year.

A couple of hours away is Mt. Ranier National Park. It offers 93 miles of trail that passes through some gorgeous scenery. Kendal Katwalk runs along the cliff face that stretches between Kendall Peak and Red Mountain. Olympic Peninsula and Hurricane Ridge allow people to see mountain glaciers. The Hall of Moses features temperate rain forest.

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