Seattke: The Food Lovers ParadiseThe first thing that may come to your mind at the mention of Seattle is the smell of coffee. Remember the movie, Sleepless in Seattle? It connotes having sleepless nights due to caffeine addiction. Aside from Starbucks, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is notorious for hawking all sorts of caffeine-rich brands that subsequently cause the Seattle masses to troop to burger joints after a night of partying or bar hopping.

However, the longer you stay in Seattle, Washington’s state’s most popular city, the more you’re bound to realize that Seattle offers so much more than the scent of caffeine addiction. The world-famous American urban center is also worth visiting because it offers a complicated array of culinary delights that can only leave everyone wanting for more. So here’s a short and sweet guide to traversing the complex culinary avenues of Seattle.

The information is brought to you by the Seattle locals at the FurnaceUSA Seattle Furnace Company playing favorites for the benefit of tourists and particularly the uninitiated.

Brunching at Lola

Resident Seattle food lovers have made it so easy for all of us, thank God. Without their guidance, you just never know where to go when you’re a Seattle newbie. With them on your side, you get straight answers for navigating the intricate web of Seattle’s guilty gustatory pleasures. In fact, you get to narrow down almost instantaneously Seattle’s culinary treasures into two main pleasure centers. You don’t have to be Greek to enjoy breakfast at Lola.

In fact, make that brunch as well, because once you’ve been in this Seattle cuisine mainstay, it’s guaranteed that you’ll keep coming back for more of the same Egg Benedict that oozes with Bavarian ham and a creamy drizzle on top. Lola can be found at 2000 4th Ave, in Seattle, of course. Need the zip code? It’s 98121.

Dinner at Staple & Fancy

First of all, you can save a great deal of time when dining at Staple & Fancy primarily because your entire order is delivered to your table all at the same time. Call this gustatory overloading, but it’s been quite an effective approach at delighting Seattle residents and transients alike. The legendary Seattle restaurant owned by Ethan Stowell has the atmosphere of a wild west steakhouse, perfect with getting intimate with your food choices from appetizer all the way to a fancy dessert. Find the Seattle legend at 4739 Ballard Ave NW.

Raw or Cooked: Oysters are It

For a third choice, Elliot’s Oyster House makes the perfect candidate. The oyster and crab mecca in one has been named after the bay fronting its view. Seattle seafood can’t certainly be any fresher here or anywhere else. For sheer class and seafood Epicureanism, Elliot’s is it. Find this restaurant at 1201 Alaskan Way, and while you’re at it, let your nose do the searching.

Return of the Coffee

When your Starbucks gold card has been overloaded with reward points, it’s high time to sample Seattle’s small designer cafeterias at the world renown coffee market. Their selections challenge the big guys’ coffee bean sourcing abilities with rare aromas that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. No one has crowned Seattle Coffee Town yet, but there’s a coffee shop in nearly every street corner. So it’s only a matter of time.

From the Art of Coffee Making to Dish Making

What do you think of Art of the Table for a restaurant’s name? It sure sounds very artsy, even for the average Seattleite’s taste. But the moniker sure doesn’t foreshadow the shape of chef inventiveness to come. That said, you just can’t miss out on samples pulled out from ten delightful dishes that are rather like feathers on the chef’s cap. Now bigger and closer to the action, the famed Seattle lunch and dinner mainstay is a stone’s throw away at 3801 Stone Way N.

Desserts, Anyone?

Sugar love may be falling, but Heartwood Provisions, located at 1103 1st Ave sure is not. Talk about sheer decadence in caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate flavoring that’s enough to make you surrender your calorie counter to Seattle’s undisputed dessert authority.

Reinventing Pizza Like No Other

Veraci Pizza in Ballard or Seattle street markets is worth sampling in every way. It’s time to get lost in pizza slices that are worth sinking your every tooth into. Rest assured, no one will stop you when you order a whole box. In fact, whoever you’re sharing it with will thank you for it in Seattle or back home.