Home to the Space Needle and Starbucks, Seattle is a city known for its environmentally conscious citizens. This diverse metropolitan is located along the Puget Sound and offers mountainous and picturesque scenery. With the exception of the excessive amounts of rain, Seattle has a lot to offer to many different people. So, if you are going to foray into this great city, it is important to know what kind of weather to expect.


Life is wet in Seattle. As the cities own statistics boast it rains half of the time in Seattle, Washington. In a typical year, the city will see approximately 37 inches of rain. The majority of that rain falls between the months of October to January. If you are looking for the driest time of the year to visit the city aim for the summer. July is the driest month of the year on average. This month normally sees less than an inch of rain. Even though winter sees a lot of rain, snow will occasionally fall. However, do not expect more than a few snow days per year.

Not Rain

The few moments when blue skies are shining in this Northwestern city, it is beautiful. Surprisingly, when the sun is out the air is not humid, but instead dry. This is a city next to the sea so expect to see some fog. Other than rain, this area is relatively free from major weather events including hurricanes. The city does sit on a major fault so while no major weather events are likely an earthquake is.

What to Wear

A long sleeve shirt and pants are other items you will want regardless of the time of year. No matter when you visit it is a good idea to pack some rain gear including footwear. This is a frequently overlooked piece of rain gear that will absolutely essential if you plan on visiting any of the sights on foot. When it rains it really rains. An umbrella is a great way to protect yourself in a light to moderate rain. It is also great if you are not going long distances on foot. However, to truly be protected from the rains in this great city you will want to pack a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella. If you are going to take a hike in nature, you might want to add some rain paints to that roster of clothing. Hairstyles that depend on dry conditions should be avoided while visiting Seattle. Another note of caution, when it is not raining the sun is shining brightly. Since it rains in Seattle fifty percent of the time, it is logical to assume that half the time you are there the sun will be out. Make sure to plan for those damaging rays as they will happen.

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